Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shop Your House First

Lotions. Lipstick. Socks. Bubble Bath. Perfume. Food. Nail polish. Tea.

I can't tell you how often I tell myself that I need a new lipstick. I can barely walk past the aisle in Target without taking a peek. But, lately, I have been trying something new. About a month ago, I was listening to someone give tips on how to save money. I heard something that has stuck a nerve and I find that I say it almost daily. She said "Use what you have." It is profound. Use what you have.

I am trying to use what I have before I go and buy more. It is saving me money. It is almost as much fun. This past week, I dug out out lipsticks and have been trying them on. Most haven't been used at all. I made myself put a wild toe nailpolish on because I own it. I am making myself try food that my husband bought and use it up. I thought I was out of lotion until I found a great lotion that I had stuck in a bag. That saved me $20 from buying one from Aveda.

I have also made a point of pitching items that I don't love. If I am not going to use it, I am either donating it so someone else can use it or pitching it if I can't donate it. I am really going to use restraint when bringing new items into my house. I will shop my own house first and use what I have!


charliecraig said...

Well said G. I hate waste and always recycle clothes or unwanted items. I try to be ethical in my shopping habits but we too succumb to the lure of the big mac (usually when we sport a hangover). The guilt we feel afterwards (and the return of the hunger pangs shortly after) usually deem it all worthless...but I still do it, and never learn. enjoying your blog - keep it up!X

Rhea said...

I can't tell you how many times I have gone to buy something, and then when cleaning, I find I have more than one of this item...unused or barely touched!! If I was more organized, I wouldn't need to buy much at all, I have a feeling. Sad, but true.

So, great post! I think you're doing a good thing by using what you have...amazingly simple concept, right? lol

OHmommy said...

LOL... you must have watched the same Oprah show I did. :)

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