Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Great Worm Escape

My husband let me sleep in Saturday morning. Just one example of what a great husband he is. But instead of enjoying it, I started to panic. What if the worms have again escaped and are all over the kitchen floor? Luckily, I ended up falling asleep and forgot all about the worms. Well, until I walked into the kitchen. There were six dead red worms on the floor and my little boy picked the live ones up and put them back into their bin. Ugh!

My parents were visiting last night so I thought I better hide the worms in the garage. The worms are very active at night. I couldn't have them escape while they were so nice to watch our children for the evening. After we got home, I looked in the garage and wanted to scream. There were about 10 worms all over the floor, most of them dead. They were squeezing out of the top of the container. So, I handled it just like I handle every problem in my life. I googled "worms escaping." A lot of people have this problem when they first start. There were solutions. Things I could do. I have tried some of them this week. Nothing seems to help. I should have started over. I should have bought a bin from EBay. But instead, I admitted defeat. I quit. Yes, I am no longer vermicomposting. It is so hard me for me to quit at anything. I just hate to quit. But, the worms were making me crazy. I knew it was the right decision when I felt a sense of relief afterwards.

My husband was thrilled with the news. When I told him, he said it was a great decision. He was tired of the worms getting loose. Tired of me worrying about the worms. Tired of the whole process. While I was away this morning, I came home to find that he let me worms loose in our backyard compost area. Can you imagine how happy the worms are to be free? They are free to live outside a plastic little smelly box. They are the lucky worms that didn't die on my kitchen floor!


Rhea said...

Who knew worms were such sneaky, escape artists? I had no idea.

I was worrying about them escaping into your kitchen right along with you, so it is with great relief that I go to bed tonight, knowing the worms are safely outside and can no longer creep through your house. Whew. Thanks! hehe

Indy said...

They are really tricky. I had them in a plastic container with two full Nesquick containers on top with an glass award of my husbands. (I needed something thin but heavy so I didn't block air holes) They slipped through the top. Luckily they die when they are on the floor and never got too far!

ConverseMomma said...

So glad that did not happen in my house. Only because my son would have eaten one. He has taken to eating ants when he finds them outside. What is up with that?

Indy said...
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