Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Dreaded Drop In

This will be the last in my series about cleaning houses. I hope.

So yesterday, I wrote about cleaning for company. Tough to do but as I read comments, we all feel that it is necessary.

What's worse that cleaning for company? The drop in. Today while grocery shopping, I got a call from my dad. "Where are you?" I am grocery shopping. "Do you mind if we come over in about an hour?" What? They hardly ever visit so I can't no. I have a cart full of groceries, I have to pick up my son from preschool and my house is a mess again. As I race to the check out, I am trying to figure out how to get this all done in about an hour.

I have never put groceries away so fast. I ran around the house and thank goodness we had a sitter the other night. The house wasn't too bad. I focused on where we'd spend most of our time. The kitchen. I also had to tackle the garage a little bit. My parents brought me some ferns from their house to plant in our garden. We'd be in the garage a lot. The garage is always a complete mess. But this week, it was worse. I had recycling containers and garbage cans out of place. Sports equipment and painting supplies everywhere. You could barely walk through the garage. I had to do this all in an hour.

But, I made it. It looks like we always keep it this way. Yep.

Once again, if you cannot relate. Please do not comment. It will make the rest of us feel awful. At least I have another sitter coming in two days. My house can't get that bad in two days, right?


Flea said...

I used to run around picking up for company, but now I just don't care. Having a crazy mother-in-law who commented on every little thing out of place cured that. It got to where I'd just WISH for her to drop in on our messiest days, just for spite. She call and ask what I was doing and I'd say, "Eating bon bons and watching the soaps."

If people know you and love you, and don't have allergic reactions to whatever needs cleaning, they don't care! They didn't come to see the inside of your house. They came to see YOU. And a nervous you, worried about what needs to be cleaned, is not the best host.

Thanks for popping by my blog! Sorry to harp.

Kristen said...

Thank goodness we don't have the drop in. We live states away from all family, and them coming to visit takes about a month's notice. Which is normally enough time to straighten everything out! :)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

My mother-in-law lives in South America! Yea me! She can be a very nice woman sometimes... and other times I want to go crazy! She is crazy about cleaning and what we do with our child

Poltzie said...

I also don't care if anyone sees my dirty house... ok, that is a lie. I totally care I just don't have the energy to do anything about it!
Thanks for visitng my blog :)

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I'm telling you, when your place is on the market and you never know if THIS DAY will be the blessed day in which some sucker comes in and decides to bid on ypur place, you keep that mofo SPOTLESS. I've never been cleaner.

I LOATHE cleaning up what looks like Toys-R-Us plastic barf on my carpet every morning and then replacing it every night.

I'm totally slovenly.

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