Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Turnin' It Around

I have noticed a somber mood with moms lately at preschool. It could be the 50 degree weather we are having in Ohio. It could be the rain or lack of sunshine. But as I talk to moms, it seems to be that moms are thinking about the end of the school year. Most of the moms are wondering how to fill the time. Without school to attend daily, we must create a new schedule. A means to survival is required.

Let's think positive about this change of season!

1. You won't need to find socks that match. Encourage sandal wearing. Barefoot is even better.

2. Ponytails for your hair is acceptable especially for summer.

3. Your kids won't have any high water pants in the summer.

4. Mornings can be lazy. No rushing off to preschool. No book bags.

5. You can embrace your inner child with sidewalk chalk and lots of bubbles.

6. Chasing butterflies.

7. Just think of February. How can we not be happy in the summer?

8. Older moms say we miss this time in our lives. I am going to be more present and enjoy it more this summer.

9. Extra hours of sunlight. I love the long days of summer.

10. Ice cream!!!

Disclaimer: This post started out very negative for me. I tried to turn it around and not be such a negative nelly. So, if you aren't feeling all that positive about the summer break. I feel ya sista!


Jessica said...

One of the best parts about Memorial Day-Labor Day is that my husband "technically" receives Summer Fridays. The ability to leave at 12:30 on Friday! Granted it typically is closer to 3 but the idea of not having to fill the void of post-nap, pre-dinner crankiness alone is so exciting! YEAH for SUMMER!

Stella said...

I have such mixed feelings about the onset of Summer. As a teacher, I cannot wait for these friggin kids to leave the school! As a parent, I don't know how I'm going to deal with my two kids 24/7 for three months!
But, the beach beckons so how bad could it really be!??!?

Don Mills Diva said...


The very best part of summer IMHO!

Rhea said...

Good for you for focusing on the positive!! Nice post.

Are pony tails not allowed during the winter? I was confused by that.

ConverseMomma said...

I love summer. I love barefeet on the lawn, and sand in your hair. I love the fact that I get freckles everywhere and can spend every hour with my babies. Summer is bliss! Your post brought me there. Thanks for that.

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