Monday, May 19, 2008

Ummm. Yeah. Sure.

My son Kyle is 4. He loves to talk. I had a c-section and I swear the doctor said in the OR, "You can't be screaming yet, you're not born." He hasn't stopped talking since.

There is a problem with his talking. He has trouble with articulation. In other words, we have no idea what he is saying.

This wasn't so much of a problem when he was 2 or 3. He said the same 100+ words over and over again. We could guess and he wouldn't notice. But now that he is 4, he know when we are guessing or faking it.

He has been evaluated by the city schools and he has been going to speech therapy every week. He works hard at his homework and loves to practice his sounds. Has his speech improved? No, not really. I'd like to say it is all clicking into place. But it isn't. I know it takes time. I am not expecting a miracle but it is challenging. He is frustrated and so are we.

Summer is here for his speech therapy. We're on our own. We'll keep practicing and working on our "F's" and "S's." We'll add some new letters once he is ready to move on. Until then, I will do my best to pretend I know what my little boy is saying to me. Ummm. Yeah. Sure.


The Mom said...

Glad you have therapy now. My ped didn't recognize My Boy's speech issues (s's, th, sh, g's, d's) and his lisp as serious, rather than something he'd grow out of. FIRST day of Kinder he was sent for eval and has had 2 years of speech now.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I'm sympathizing with you on this one. My daughter is 2 and has a pretty pronounced lisp. She enunciates ridiculously well for a 2 year old and can carry on adult conversations with you, but that lisp is troubling. Everyone tells me she'll grow out of it and I'm really hoping so. We're homeschooling so I'm not looking forward to any kind of speech therapy!

Genny said...

Hang in there. Sounds like you are dialed into some good resources. And I bet time will help.

Tranny Head said...

I know that must me tough . . . but just know that there are plenty of kids with speech issues (take my dad, for example, who had a stutter) who grow up to speak quite well all the time (he's a trial lawyer).

Hang in there - and he's totally gorgeous!

Rhea said...

That's so neat how verbal he is..but it's gotta be frustrating to him and you guys, not understanding. Poor little guy. I'm glad you've had him evaluated and since he's going to be getting help so young, I bet he will do great in the future!

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