Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Name Game

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan and Mike were trying to name their newborn. They were going through baby names. They were looking through newspapers for ideas. They listened to the hospital intercom. Unfortunately just as they were naming their baby, Mike's grandfather died and his name was Maynard. Yes, they named their baby Maynard.

I am not very good at naming babies. As a child, I couldn't name my baby dolls. As an adult, I am not much better at it. I never had a list of names that I "just knew" my children would be named. I look at books. I look at lists. I look on the web. In the operating room, I was thrilled to be hear "It's a boy!" I didn't have a girl name. I am that bad at naming babies.

My children's names are Ryan and Kyle. Pretty common and safe. But, we liked the names and we agreed. Now, I can't imagine them named anything else. We have baby #3 on the way. We have no names in sight. My children have named the baby "Ted." I am not sure where it came from but it makes it easier than calling the baby, "baby."

My husband and I have very different ideas when it comes to names. We make a big list of all of the names that we like. We then take turns crossing names off one at a time that we don't like. We used this process for Kyle and it worked for us.

So what names have you NOT used that you wish you would have? Have you always know what you'd name your children? Are there names you wish you had the guts to name your child? Are you fearless?


Colleen said...

You know, I never was that type that "just knew", either. We named both our boys after their great-grandfathers. (Nicholas & William) We hadn't intended to do that, but guess we just did.

Funny story - I have three younger brothers. When my Mom was pregnant with the last, the oldest of them and I ARGUED as to what the baby's name would be. It was my brother, Al, that picked "Mark" and that's what my parents named him! (Other brother? His name's Jeff, just to shoot another idea atcha!)

Glad you could find those shoes at Sears!

We are THAT Family said...

It will come to you-just in time!

It's so nice to meet you!

Tranny Head said...

When I was pregnant, my friend's kid referred to the baby as "Mr. Taco."

I vote "Mr. Taco" as the name for Baby 3.

Rhea said...

Names are so important to me. Some have incredible meaning and family significance, while others we use because they sound nice and have a good vibe. :o) And, I think both reasons are important.

Stella said...

boys names came so easily for us. I knew for a very long time that my son was going to be named Nicholas. I just had to find the husband that would agree to that. Our second child was a girl but had it been a boy his name was going to be Carter. Girls names were took forever for us to pick one and we really weren't settled on one until she came out. I can't even imagine what will happen when we try for number 3.....I'm hoping for a boy because I already have the name picked out!

There are names that I wanted to use that my husband flat out refused. Anything from my Irish heritage was not Seamus, no Siobhan, no Brendan, No Finbarr, none of those types of names. He really didn't like obscure or weird names either- you know because Finbarr isn't weird or anything!

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