Thursday, May 22, 2008

Will Happy and Herbie Make Him Happy?

"Herbie and Happy are still looking for a home. If you'd like to adopt them, please let me know."

I was hoping another mother would step forward. Someone will want to adopt the class pets. Why can't I just read the letter home and not step forward? Why must I volunteer for everything? I am such a sucker.

I am going to blame it on hormones. My oldest boy, Ryan, is graduating from Pre-K tomorrow. He wasn't ready for kindergarten at all last fall. This year, he has developed into such a smart, inquisitive little man. He is so ready for kindergarten and I am relieved to see how excited he is to go to school. Anyhow, back to the hormones. Ryan has been sharing songs they are going to sing tomorrow at the graduation. I tear up when he sings them at home. I know it will be worse tomorrow. I am going to stand in the back row so that no one sees me cry.

I wanted to buy Ryan a nice book as a graduation gift. But then, I received a letter from the teacher. She needed someone to adopt the hermit crabs. Yes, I said yes to adopting hermit crabs. So I was off to the local pet store to buy the simple supplies to house the new pets. I thought I'd need a cheap aquarium, a little sand, a tiny house and a sponge for water. I'll only spend about $20. Not bad for a nice graduation surprise for my little boy.

Well, to my surprise, I ran into another preschool mom friend, Kelly. She was also buying hermit crab supplies. She said she spent $50 at another pet store. I couldn't believe my ears. She wasn't done. She needed more supplies so that's where we ran into each other. Oh no. My husband is going to kill me. This is getting expensive.

As Kelly and I walked toward our vans, we couldn't stop laughing. We were both adopting hermit crabs and had just spent $65 dollars for our "free pets." Both of us kept calling ourselves "Suckas." We also wondered which one of us would be the first to have a funeral for our new pets. I am not placing any bets. I am outta money.


Stephanie said...

HA! Something tells me though you'll be fighting for the back row with all the other moms. It's a big deal and I know you're proud of him! And good luck with all the hermit crab adventures...those little things give me the creeps!

OHmommy said...



I threw out that sheet and didn't think twice. ;)

Tranny Head said...


You know, when I was a kid I had two pet hermit crabs and then I went away to summer camp. My mom forgot about them . . . no food, no water! Anyway, they obviously died and smelled utterly rancid in the back room where they'd been for three weeks. I never let her live it down. So - don't forget about them!

Oh, and don't try to catch them changing shells either. I witnessed it and it was totally barf-worthy. The part hidden by the shell is so gross it defies description.

Team Laws said...

I invite you to participate!
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Pensacola, FL

Rhea said...

We had hermit crabs for a while. They died.

We're not so great with plants and animals...although most the fish are still alive and so's the dog.

Good luck! They're neat little creatures. Be sure you have bigger shells so if they need to leave their current ones, they have a new shell to move into. :o)

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