Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kids Don't Scream For Icecream

Last evening, my sister and I met at our childhood home to meet for dinner. We had a hankering for Don Pancho's in Alliance. It isn't the best Mexican restaurant we've ever been to but it is consistently good and cheap. It is loud and a little obnoxious. Perfect place to bring 4 preschoolers and a newborn. We talked our Dad into going with us. When we walked in, I could feel the whole restaurant cringe. We looked like a mob. The kids ran ahead following the greeter and I ran behind them screaming for them to wait for us.

Dinner went well. Better than can be expected. Lack of volume control when talking was really the only problem. No worries. Well until an older couple came over to us. I thought she looked unhappy. It took me a minute to figure out what she was saying. She said her husband was worried when we sat down with so many kids and wanted to change seats. But they couldn't believe how good our kids were being. They wanted to send icecream over to the table to thank the children. Isn't that great?

We didn't want the tide to turn. So we quickly finished up our meal, grabbed the check and herded the flock towards the door. It was a great evening with our Dad and children that I am sure none of us will ever forget.

Note: Jessica asked yesterday where I bought my aluminum bottles. There are many sites. I went with Online Fitness. I wanted a different color for each child and myself so we could keep them straight. I also liked the sports top of the bottles of the Sport Classic. On some sites, you have to order the sports tops separately. You also have to pay an extra $5 per bottle for the tops on some sites. Hope this helps!


Don Mills Diva said...

Oh that must have made you so proud - good work mama!

LaskiGal said...

Oh, what a great night! Isn't it wonderful when you get such awesome compliments (especially when you expect complaints!)?

Kudos to you!

Jessica said...

I love compliments from strangers! They make you feel like an accomplished mommy! The best is when you leave a child with a friend's mom/sitter/whomever and you return to stories of how your 2 year old said "thank you", "please", didn't throw his lunch, asked to play with a toy! It is the little things that make us so proud!

Charlene said...

Never mind the kids good behavior - I'm so jealous that you went to Don Panchos, my favorite and most memorable meals in Ohio where there. I have a recollection of your dad telling Don Pancho (or somebody) that it was my birthday and we got free cake!!(and I died of embarrassment). Still no Mexican restaurants in Belfast, and Maz isn't that keen so i don't even cook it that often - your blog has left me craving guacamole and quesadilla.tx

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