Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No Test Needed

Cupcakes. I am smuggling cupcakes. I will not share cupcakes with anyone. I hide them from my children. I hide them from my husband. I have been smuggling them for about eight weeks or so. Vanilla cupcakes. Can’t be chocolate or foo foo flavored. Store bought too. I don’t care much for homemade cupcakes. I like the icky, sweet icing too. None of that whipped icing. I like the old fashioned sweet, sweet icing.

I always love cupcakes or cake but I really crave it when I am pregnant. Yes, you read that correctly. We are pregnant with our third child. And from guessing from how I am feeling and what I have been eating, I am going on the record that it is a boy. My third boy.

Another thing that I eat when I am pregnant is meat. I normally am not a huge meat eater. But the week before I knew I was pregnant, I came home from the grocery store with five dinners planned with meat. Red meat. Steak. Hamburgers. That is so not me. My husband noticed and I brushed it off. How did I miss that sign? I hardly ever buy steaks or red meat.

So, while I have attempted to post about silly things going on my life, I was dying to tell you about my cupcakes and meat. I needed to share the information first with the people around me first. Now that most of them know, I can be more honest and open with what is going on. Now, you must excuse me, I have two cupcakes left that are calling my name.


Rhea said...

Congratulations!! That's so funny cupcakes and red meat signifies a pregnancy for you. It's nice to have such dependable symptoms. lol

I craved fried chicken and watermelon with one child, and my husband was convinced I was having an african american baby (being stereotypical). :o)

Jessica said...

YEAH! What exciting news! Congratulations. I do hope it is an easy pregnancy for you. I was ANTI-PROTIEN. We are talking full on aversion when I was pregos. Now, cupcakes...that was def. up my alley!

Someone Being Me said...

Congratulations! I love cupcakes too. All I wanted when I was pregnant with my son was sugar, sugar, and more sugar with icing on top, please. He also has a sweet tooth.

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