Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Update

Aluminum bottle Update:

When shopping for my favorite tea at the Mustard Seed in Solon, I found that they carried reusable aluminum water bottles right next to the tea. How did I miss them last month? They are very similar to the ones I purchased online and apparently paid too much for. They are a little smaller but a lot cheaper. They also carry plastic water bottles that are said to be toxin free. They are very inexpensive. I also found a cool water bottle made of corn. It will eventually break down after 90 washings. You can't throw it in the dishwasher so that wouldn't work for me. Too many germs at the playground for me. Gotta have the sani rinse.

Worm Update:

Now that I have spilled the beans about being pregnant, you can understand one more reason I couldn't continue the worm composting. The smell was killing me. When I am pregnant, any smell is magnified. Food that is breaking down or rotting gives off a pungent odor. I had trouble opening the container because of the smell.

Today my little boy was watching a robin pull out worms from our backyard. Out of the blue he said "Mommy, I hope that bird isn't eating our kitchen worms." Good thing I got rid of them as quick as I did. I had no idea the boys were so attached.
Cupcake Update:
Today, while my youngest son was at speech therapy and my other son had a playdate, I quickly ran to the grocery store for one thing. Cupcakes. Pink frosted, white cupcakes. I purchased another package and hid them in the car until the kids were playing their video game. I smuggled them in and hid them in a cloth bag to make no noise. If I keep this up, I will gain 70 lbs with this pregnancy. Oh, but what fun!


Jessica said...

If it makes you feel any better...I am not pregos and sneak raw cookie dough out of the big container in our fridge as my dessert. I have convinced myself that somehow 2 spoonfuls is not the same as eating 2 huge chocolate chip cookies. Somehow the fat is introduced during the cookie process...Ok, just go with me on it. As mommys we have no time for keep sneaking those cupcakes. Cupcakes that you sneak into the house DO NOT COUNT into your daily fat or caloric intake :)

Rhea said...

I had the WORST problem with smells during my pregnancy. I had no idea my nose could function that well or be that sensitive during that time...and the bad news was that it never really went away after my lingered!!

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