Monday, May 5, 2008

Things Not to Teach Just Yet

When my oldest son was nearly 2, a dear friend came out of our bathroom and proudly said, "I just taught Ryan how to flush the toilet." She didn't have kids yet and thought she was doing me a favor.

A few weeks ago, my dear husband showed my oldest son how to give a wet willy. While my husband gets to escape daily to work, I am left with a five year old who thinks it is the funniest thing in the world to do to mom.

A couple of days ago, my dear husband was tickling our sons. I looked over and he was getting ready to give Ryan a wedgie. Yes, a wedgie. I gave him the look from hell. Luckily he stopped.

Yes, kids will learn the good and and the bad in time. We can't protect them or ourselves from everything. It is all about timing and survival.


Oswald said...
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Don Mills Diva said...

Good save!
I still refuse to flush the toilet when my son's around lest he see me and become fascinated with it...

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